45th Get Together?

We had such a blast at our 40th reunion, please let your reunion committee know if you would be interested in gathering for a 45th get-together!  This survey will allow you to answer some questions about the type of gathering you might like to have. Individual answers will remain private. Participants will be able to see a collective compilation of our class's answers.

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1)   * Our 45th reunion will be in the year 2023. Are you interested in attending an event that year?

Yes No
2)   * If you answered yes to #1 above, what time of year would you prefer? Check all that apply.

3)   * Assuming weekends work best for most classmates, which timeframe works best for you? Check all that apply.

  Friday Evening
  Saturday Daytime
  Saturday Evening
4)   * Would you like this event to be more formal or informal?

  Formal (Suit or Sport Coat/Skirt or Dress
  No Preference
5)   * How much would you be willing to pay for participation in the event?

  Up to $25 per person
  $26 - $50 per person
  $51 - $75 per person
  No Preference
6)   * Would you prefer: (check all that apply)

  Drinks Only
  Drinks and Hors d'oeuvres
  No Preference
7)   Surely we missed something that's on your mind. Tell us about it!